Critique – Mercure et Mercuri
Marie-Claude Lortie – La Presse
Édition du 31 janvier 2015, section GOURMAND, écran 10

Québec journalist, blogger and food critic MarieClaude Lortie offers her review of Bistro Mercuri and their expertly prepared “divinely tender” Cerf de Boileau: Critique – Mercure et Mercuri



Restaurant Daniel

In the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Chef-Owner of several award-winning restaurants and the Feast & Fêtes catering company, Daniel Boulud, pays tribute to Cerf de Boileau on Twitter and Instragram
2014-11-22 20:34 Expression of #fall #Venison #CerfDeBoileau #Quebec Ready to be Carved #cabbage #ladyapple #hazelnut…



Festive Foodies – Terroir according to Laprise, SAQ Cellier November 2014 issue

Reknown chef  and big supporter of local producers Normand Laprise, spotlights Cerf de Boileau Rack of Lamb, pairing game recipes with a heady Pinot Noir

Consult the November issue at Magasine Cellier Nouvel Arrivage


Le fabuleaux destin gastronomique du Cerf de Boileau

Article by Nicolas Mesly appearing in French in the November-December 2014 edition of Le coopérateur agricole, volume 43, #9

Read the insightful and informative history of the “caviar of meats”, an exposé on the home-grown farm-to-the-table Cerf de Boileau operation:  Le fabuleux destin gastronomique du Cerf de Boileau


L’Épicerie –, aired September 3rd, 2014
A CBC Radio glimpse into a day in the life of Cerf de Boileau breeder, Denis Ferrer
Watch the report in French at:  Chronique d’un éleveur de cerfs


C’est Extra! episode 109 aired February 7th, 2013
Anne Desjardins, chef and owner of Ste-Adèle’s l’Eau à la Bouche discusses the benefits of premium artisan meats and traditional crafting techniques as she prepares a Cerf de Boileau venison tartare.
Watch the episode in French at:  c’est extra!

or consult the recipe at:


By Édouard Plante-Fréchette, La Presse, September 4, 2012

…….”Voici la recette de tartare de cerf telle que préparée au restaurant le Pied de cochon, à Montréal.”

Read the rest of the story in French at:  la
By Cerf de Boileau, Tagada, September 2, 2012

…….”Tartare de cerf de Boileau aux cèpes et pain grillé au pimmenton fumé
paru le 2 septembre 2012″

Read the rest of the story in French at:

Fine Dining: La Colombe
By Lesley Chesterman, Gazette Fine-Dining Critic May 7, 2012

…….”La Colombe’s menu has always featured cerf du Boileau, that magnificent venison served in all our best restaurants and even at some of the top tables in Manhattan. Last time I dined here I had a venison chop, and this time it was a filet. Charred on the outside and rosy-red within, the meat was not only tender but full-flavoured. As much as I love beef, nothing compares to Boileau deer, save maybe for caribou, which I haven’t seen on Montreal menus for ages (what’s up with that?). Granted, this piece of meat is expensive ($56 à la carte), but it does not disappoint. Served alongside were a few roasted baby turnips and a fine little risotto made with black rice. Add to that a pile of green beans and you have one heck of a dish that didn’t make my wine sing so much as purr. Géant!”

Read the rest of the story at:  montreal